As mentioned before I'm only someone who, back in the early 1990's, was blessed with an idea about how to address our entire social safety net in a way that is financially sustainable over the long term yet covers everyone. Not being a politician or a recognized mover and shaker I've felt like a voice crying in the wilderness until now. I attempted to publicize this idea late in that decade and was beginning to get some notice locally (an article on December 8, 1998 in the Indianapolis Star) until virtually all the oxygen was sucked out of the room by the Monica Lewinsky affair. With the advent of social media I now feel there is real hope for getting this idea on the table for discussion.

I was born in Beech Grove, Indiana (suburban Indianapolis), graduating from Beech Grove High School in 1965, studying Political Science and History at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT. I lived and worked mostly in the Indianapolis area until 1999 when my wife (Bobby) and I moved to Las Vegas, NV. Between us we have 12 children and 30 grandchildren with a couple more on the way!

If you do like the plan I hope you'll lend your support even if only by telling all your friends and associates about it. Donation buttons are provided below for your convenience. Depending on the response to this plan a non-profit advocacy group will be formed. Perhaps you'll agree with me that this is one idea that deserves to go viral!